A postcard from Barcelona.

Dear Nomads,
I already crossed another country border, getting lost in Lisbon this week! But – as we all know – postcards  are always delayed…. So, here’s your’s from Barcelona.
After my sudden escape from South France – which sadly turned out not to be as beautiful as I had hoped – I made the most of it and took the train over to Spain exploring Barcelona in the rain… (this actually makes for a proper rhyme haha) I discovered beautiful places mostly in the Gracia neighborhood, I have the feeling though I should come back there on a proper summer day.
But for now I said goodbye to Spain and am more than happy to spend a couple of weeks in Portugal – a hidden gem to me I know nothing about. I’ll keep you posted!
Thanks for all your support, I get a lot of nice comments, likes and emails from you and can’t wait to share more stories with you – as soon as I have the time to write them all down…
Happy travels,



...Willst du geheime Geschichten

direkt ins Postfach bekommen?


Gesa Neitzel

Hallo! Schön, dass du da bist. Ich bin Gesa aus Berlin und mir gehört der Laden. Hier erzähle ich von meinen Reisen um die Welt und immer auch ein Stück mehr zu mir selbst.

... Ich möchte auch was dazu sagen:

Hierlang für noch mehr Abenteuer!schliessen