How to write a (somewhat) great travel journal!

While I was traveling through Asia last year, I made it a rule to write in my travel journal every day in order to improve my English as well as my writing skills. Great plan! However, I was traveling alone at the time and on some days, when like-minded people were scarce and I got bored, things would get a little out of hand, to say the least.

My travel journal would then become my only friend and in the process, I would spend the whole day writing down every single thought I felt was worth preserving for future generations.

This is the complete journal entry of Saturday, the 26th, January 2013. I was on Koh Tao in Thailand, all alone, and by the time of writing, I didn’t think any of this was particularly funny. On the contrary. It was tragic. It was heart-breaking. It was hell. But of all the travel journals I kept throughout the years – this one is by far the best, for it actually maps whole days in the life of the lost traveler I was at the time… Enjoy!


1. Seal is playing on the radio….Shoot me? Please?

2. …Well, hello there! I wonder who HE is!

3. Flirting is exhausting. I’ll stop doing that now… now… NOW!

4. Great. Yet another shitty coffee.

5. Do Thais even like coffee?

6. I L.O.V.E. coffee.




7. Swedes! There are Swedes everywhere!

8. Put on some clothes, for crying out loud.

9. Would love to watch “Fried Green Tomatoes” just now.

10. Note to self: Must not trust teeny tiny people.

11. Contemplating going back to bed instead of taking that boat.

12. I hope this is the right boat.




13. I just wonder how my life would have evolved had I never gotten on this boat…

14. Are they going to kidnap us?

15. I don’t like this boat.

16. Just talk. Just tell people about yourself. I mean, you don’t have to, of course. It’s just that talking is always a very effective way to get to know people, you know? Just saying.

17. Are we there yet…?

18. All restaurants have the same food here.

19. Loosing weight is not going exactly as planned.




20.  Why is my f***ing backpack so f***ing heavy??

21. What nobody tells you about longterm travel: You will find yourself appreciating power outlets in ways you didn’t even think were possible.

22. The bed is actually long enough. Well, isn’t that nice for a change!

23. I think I might watch “Fried Green Tomatoes” after all.

24. I wonder if someone will come pick me up at Denpasar airport next week.

25. What time is it? 9.15. I’m tired already.




26. My thoughts are really cool. They’re like “my gang” or something.

27. I hate it when people are eating where other people are sleeping.

28. Where are these girls all getting their boyfriends from anyway? Is there a boyfriend-bazar on Koh Tao nobody told me about?

29. Oh wow, I really DO look like my mum!

30. Please don’t make me get up again to turn off the lights. Somebody else do it this time!

31. Seriously: What are these people eating?! It smells like old socks.

32. I wonder if the whole video game scene with Leo in the jungle was only in the movie “The Beach”. Because it can’t possibly be in the book as well!

33. I think I might be a bit over traveling at this point.






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Gesa Neitzel

Hallo! Schön, dass du da bist. Ich bin Gesa aus Berlin und mir gehört der Laden. Hier erzähle ich von meinen Reisen um die Welt und immer auch ein Stück mehr zu mir selbst.

  1. Dhruv sagt:

    haha.. i would suppose anyone with some form of a diary would do this

    i would like to know what the teeny tiny people did to have to have to face such righteous indignation in your journal?:)

  2. Joe B. Bargain sagt:

    Hmmpfff ….Oh wow, I really DO look like my mum!

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