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News from Monkey Forest Road. # Six.

Seven days in Ubud, Bali.

Okay. Let’s do this. I thought we didn’t have to go there, but we actually have to. Let’s talk about “Eat, Pray, Love”. Have you read the book? No? Well, good for you. I tried reading it, but couldn’t finish. I was annoyed after the first chapter.

The movie however, I watched till the end and although my friend fell asleep in the cinema and I can’t blame him (yes, that’s right, “him”), I have to say that I enjoyed myself watching it. No kidding: It is a beautiful movie. And with “beautiful” I don’t mean the story.

The story is dull and unrealistic, but I mean the movie itself, the pictures, the way it’s shot. And I’m absolutely positive that, whoever loves travel and food and men and music will find something worth the while in it (Italian pasta, Balinese rice terraces, Javier Bardem, James Franco, Neil Young’s finest… just to name a few.)

There is one more thing I liked about the movie. It is this quote:

“I remember an old joke about a man who spent his whole life going to a church every day and prayed to the statue of a great saint begging “please, please, please, let me win the lottery.” Finally the exasperated statue comes to life and looks down at the begging man and says “my son, please, please, please… buy a ticket.”

I find some truth in this, because I can be the master of complaint, not seeing the oppurtunities that are presenting themselves right in front of me. So I decided to look for tickets more carefully and to buy a lot of them in the future, I figure the more tickets I buy the more likely I will win one day.


Talking about “Eat, Pray, Love”, I actually did stuff today. I went for a massive walk around the rice terraces, where the movie was shot. (And yes, there are some “Elisabeth Gilberts” lingering around, in fact Ubud is full of them. But I’m pretty good at blocking them out at this point.) As I told you before, I lost my camrea battery monkeys stole my camera battery, so I bought a disposable camera for my little excursion.

And I highly recommend doing this. The eyes see different with a disposable in hand, they look more carefully for good shots and all of a sudden a picture is worth something again.



I took a couple with my Phone too though. Just to prove to you that I actually did something else than just hang out at the best Café in the world…

I did that too of course.

I had a coconut.

This is it:




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Gesa Neitzel

Hallo! Schön, dass du da bist. Ich bin Gesa aus Berlin und mir gehört der Laden. Hier erzähle ich von meinen Reisen um die Welt und immer auch ein Stück mehr zu mir selbst.

... Ich möchte auch was dazu sagen:

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