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News from Monkey Forest Road. # Two.

Seven days in Ubud, Bali.

There are only a few places in the world where rain is not only tolerated, but actually desired. To me, Ubud is one of those places. This town is lovely when it’s pouring rain. 

Most of the tourists stay inside and through the pattering rain you almost can’t hear the cries: “Massage, Massage!” or “Taxi! Taxi!” I’m staying in the Aman Anda homestay, have my own room with a double bed and ensuite bathroom, plus breakfast for 120.000 Rupies a night, which is a bit more than 9 Euros. My hosts are the sweet Kedek and his family, who look after me with their warm Balinese hospitality as if I was one of their daughters.

Today Kedek gave me his Umbrella and I went over puddles for a delightful stroll in the Sacred Monkey Forest – a funny place, really! It’s full of hilarious animal-statues and tourists with raincoats and broken umbrellas from their own homestays chase the monkeys for the perfect picture.

But what’s the story with the monkeys?

Well, the Balinese believe them to be holy, they protect the temples on the island from bad spirits. They are not pets, they are wild animals… and cheeky ones at that! If you don’t watch your belongings, you may find yourself a pair of sunglasses short once you step onto the street again. I am convinced they stole my camera battery and charger! (Or maybe I just lost them, which is more likely, come to think of it…)

Anyway, that’s all I did today – apart from reading and dreaming and watching the rain from my canopy bed. It was such a wonderful yet simple day and I am grateful for all the tiny joys it had in store for me. Now I am back at the Art Café (…I told you I would be!) and a lot of fresh thoughts run through my head while I’m enjoying an Island Shake and a warm Chicken Salad. 

I thought a lot about the number 26 today and how it magically makes me feel more confident; I found my hew heaven on the internet - Hejorama; and I had the courage to think about my stories and characters in a whole new way, thanks to Storytelling by  Ira Glass and The Snowflake Theory by Randy Ingermanson.

Ubud is good for me. So is the rain. It washes away the old and makes room for the new.



PS: I forgot to mention my dessert… warm fudgy brownies with homemade almond icecream while Billy Holiday was sounding from the speakers…




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Gesa Neitzel

Hallo! Schön, dass du da bist. Ich bin Gesa aus Berlin und mir gehört der Laden. Hier erzähle ich von meinen Reisen um die Welt und immer auch ein Stück mehr zu mir selbst.

  1. Yvonne sagt:

    <3 fahr auf jeden Fall mal abends nach Petulu (wenn kein Regen ist)!

  2. Anonymous sagt:

    :) That’s for sure!!
    Gesa, I love your writings!
    Beautiful atmosphere…
    …and lovely stories and
    “special moments” full of
    joy and “enjoying yourself”…
    Take and feel + do what’s good
    for you! :)

  3. Gesa sagt:

    Yvonne, dank dir für einen weiteren tollen Tipp! Deinen Petulu-Bericht hab ich gelesen, steht auf meiner Liste – ich hoffe, mir machen keine Vögel auf den Kopf ;-)

  4. Gesa sagt:

    Thanks, Susie! Always a pleasure to read your comments… Hope you’re enjoying yourself, too!!

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