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Advantages of Using One-Way Websites

Websites are collections of web pages identified by an assigned web address and released to the public through some type of hosting service. The public Internet has many such services including Google Sites, Yahoo Site Builders, HostGator, and Squidoo. Major corporations and businesses have their own websites that provide additional information, products, services, and employees to the public on the internet. Some other pragmatic play types of websites include games, social networking sites, online newspapers, online auction sites, discussion boards, and personal websites. A business can have its own website, if it wants to or can simply purchase one from a hosting service. However, for small businesses and personal websites, the easiest way to go is to get a free website from one of the free website providers.

For example, if a person wanted a social networking website with millions of friends, they would go to one of the social networking websites, add their name as a member, create a link on their personal website to point back to their social networking website, and then promote their links on the personal website. Now, if a person wanted a torrent website, they would go to one of the torrent websites, add their personal link, and promote the link on the torrent site. The problem with this method is that the person who owns the torrent website may sue the person who advertised on their site. If a person does this repeatedly, it could be grounds for a personal lawsuit.

Another advantage to getting a one-way website rather than a permanent one is that there is no cost to get them. There are several websites available that offer free websites to the public, but most of them are either too generic or have some sort of negative connotation about the owners. People who have created these free websites later make money from advertising on them. Therefore, in contrast to social media websites and web pages, which require large amounts of money to get started, a free one-way website costs very little.

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