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All About Websites


All About Websites

Websites are the means by which people and organizations can communicate with each other. They are usually composed of the information or data of a particular subject or industry. The basic purpose of a website is to serve as a medium to share information or data with others. A website is an internet-based collection of web pages, usually identified by an associated domain name, and placed on at least one internet server.

Websites are made by using one or more templates or customizations supplied by the developer or web designer. The developer will usually write all of the code required to create the website as well as provide the necessary HTML, XHTML, PHP, and other relevant programming knowledge for its execution on a web server. Web developers have a wide variety of skills and experience in a variety of fields, including design, web development, database integration, product management, e-commerce, user interface design, search engine optimization, multimedia, and more. With a good knowledge of these various fields, the developer can write a good website that will not only be appealing and functional but also maintain user usability and ease of navigation. Websites can be built by non-programmers who have a basic knowledge of html or other relevant programming knowledge.

To get started creating your own website, you can browse on line websites that provide tutorials or even how-to guides for creating your own websites. Creating websites is fast becoming a popular hobby for many individuals because it allows them to showcase their skills and entertain their friends and family. There are many websites that offer step-by-step instructions for how-to create, design, and maintain many websites including everything from building a basic web page to developing a website that includes an online store.

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