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Desktop Web Sites

Web sites are collections of web pages, usually identified by some kind of common domain name, and associated data uploaded to one or more web servers. This data may include web articles, pictures, video clips, sound recordings, programs, applications and other elements. Some web sites are available for free while others require a fee before access. The terms of use of some web sites are specified in the web site itself while other web sites are available without any terms of use. Some web sites offer services that enable users to post their own comments and content as well as to create forums and newsletters.

Web content management systems refer to software applications that allow a site administrator to create, edit, monitor and maintain web content. Examples of web content management systems are Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress and phpBB. These systems allow administrators to create web pages, posts and search engines. Examples of web content management systems include joomla! and Drupal.

Desktop web sites, also known as “websites” refer to websites that are hosted on a personal computer or laptop instead of a web browser. Desktop web sites can be used to surf the Internet and they function much like an ordinary web site. Examples of desktop web sites are Yahoo!, Hotmail and Gmail. Desktop web sites run directly from the computer’s desktop and are used much like an online email. Examples of desktop web sites include Yahoo!, Hotmail and Gmail.

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