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Information Texts – What Are They?


Information Texts – What Are They?

Informational economics deals with how people make use of existing economic tools to make informed decisions. These economic tools could be price, quantity or demand. The main problem that faces mankind is how to make better use of existing tools rather than completely replace them. In this sense informational economics helps us make informed decisions.

Informational economics uses four types of approaches: microlevel data, macrolevel data, literary nonfiction writing and technical writing. These four types support different approaches to economic thought. We shall see these four types and their contribution to the discipline below.

Microlevel data is gathered from smaller (home) documents; it consists of things such as sales statistics, consumer satisfaction surveys and micro-shots of artistic creations. It is a literary nonfiction type of informative text, while literary nonfiction writing concerns itself with larger categories such as novels or non-fiction books. Technical writing concerns itself with larger categories such as engineering or scientific research. Informational economics uses all four types and mixes both literary and technical texts. A social world therefore comprises relations among persons within a community, town, city, province, state or nation. Informational texts that deal with the social world therefore have to be written in a conversational style that is easy to understand and easily understood by people. So the first and the most important informational text include social studies.

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