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Understanding The Role Of Design In Business

A design is a blueprint or specifications for the assembling or the arrangement of some thing or a system, either in the physical form or in the form of a model, product or procedure, or the logical result of this arrangement or model. Design may refer to the artistic conception, the constructive process or the scientific conception. The word ‘design’ is derived from the Greek work deikos, meaning ‘craft’. The verb ‘design’ is related to the verb ‘to arrange’, thus ‘designing’ being used to refer to the act of arranging things in some particular way, either for purposes of beauty or practical purpose.

Designers have been criticized on the basis that they construct mere replicas of natural things instead of incorporating some creative input from the users. But on the other hand, it cannot be denied that most of the designer’s creations turn out to be better than the original version and more efficient than the original version. A designer who makes original ideas but lacks the creativity needed to carry them out does not make any difference. He is just trying to replicate the success of others rather than adopt new techniques and methods that would make his inventions better and more useful.

Designers need to be more imaginative and use various techniques to come up with better designs and hence more useful things. One such technique is the use of generative research. Generative research deals with the collection of statistical data and then analyzing these data in order to generate new ideas from these data. A designer can make use of a generator in order to generate better ideas from his existing models and this can be very fruitful for the designer if he applies the techniques of generative research.

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