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Web Design and User Interface

A graphic design is the visual art process of producing a design or a diagram or representation of something by using a computer or some other source of information and designing it to some desired end. A graphic design is used to convey a message, to advertise or promote a product or a service. The graphic design conveys messages and ideas in a non-verbal way to the target audience. The graphic designer may use mathematical designs, complex mathematics or a combination of different artistic techniques to produce the final design.

The term graphic design refers to the entire visual communication process from planning to creation, from conception to end result. It includes the actual visualization of the product or idea, any images, illustrations, photographs, illustrations, paintings or sculpture, literature, or computer or paper illustrations and computer programs utilized to produce the final visual presentation. The term graphic design also refers to the use of color, lines, shades, texture, size, shape, and the combinations thereof to create the final visual product. A designer who creates a website usually specializes in web design works. Web designers use words, codes, and images to create a visual experience and a business website is no different than any other type of website.

A designer plays an important role in developing the overall design of the website, and he must be aware of the needs of the target audience so that he can develop a website according to their specific needs and preferences. Designers are required to work with very high levels of complexity, which requires knowledge of many applications and technologies such as Flash, Silverlight, Java, Macromedia Flash, Shockwave, Photoshop, Video editing and sound processing software. Designers can work in conjunction with architects, managers, project managers, programmers, marketing managers and graphic artists. A web designer plays a vital role in providing the first user experience of a website through designing the layout and the visual aspect of the website. Web pages are normally created with specified designs and layouts, which are then integrated with content or images.

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