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Web Hosting Services – What Web Hosting Features Do I Need?

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Web Hosting Services – What Web Hosting Features Do I Need?

A website is simply a collection of web pages linked together and identified by some common web host domain. These web sites may contain text or may incorporate graphical user interface tools like Java, Perl or Python code in them. Web pages may be categorized into several categories according to their interests. Some examples are the educational, social networks, professional, electronic books, directory, shopping etc.

The second category is user-generated content. This means that users write web content and publish them on the World Wide Web either for personal or professional gains. User-generated content usually consists of articles, images, video and software solutions. The most famous user-generated content repository is wikis.

The third category is citations needed. Citations are those things included in your web content that help users find what they are looking for. One example of citation needed is the bibliography of a book that the author has published. Most web hosting companies include all the citations needed by their clients in the software that they provide. of people should not be used in social media sites because these pictures might infringe the privacy of users. Likewise, songs and other music items are not allowed in social networking sites because they might compete with other songs. Web hosting companies can prevent such things from happening by providing proper cite and permission links in the different Web pages.

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