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Web Site Organization For Web Sites

Web sites are the information portals that users access from their computers through the World Wide Web. It is a good choice for an internet business since it offers maximum visibility and immediate exposure to customers. Consumers or end-users visit web sites for various reasons. A web site can contain content such as images, text, video, or audio, hyperlinks (pointing to other web sites), and electronic documents or software.

Web sites are designed and operated by web servers. A web server is software that enables a computer to serve web pages, usually through a browser. Web servers run various programs that, among other things, store the pages and collect user input. Web servers can be servers that run the whole server, or they can be client-server applications running in a client-server mode. Client-server applications are more efficient and have the advantage of being able to respond to client commands fast.

Static pages include data that does not change unless the user requests it. For instance, web-site inventory, sales, and product displays. Static pages are important for search engines and users of the web site since static pages cannot be changed without the need of a new web site. Web site organization allows users to have control over their web site because only certain parts of the web site can be changed and users do not have total control over the contents of web pages. In addition, web site organization allows users to make the web pages user-friendly so that the information cannot be lost.

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