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Why Is It Good to Write Informational Articles?


Why Is It Good to Write Informational Articles?

Informational technology is the process of using the internet to provide users with information, rather than with information themselves. Information, as a general term, is generally structured, processed and organised data. It gives context to data and allows decision making to occur. For instance, a single transaction at a restaurant, taken from customers’ computers, becomes data through which the restaurant can identify the best or least popular food. Informational technology is used in many different areas and by many different people and it is being developed and enhanced all the time. For instance, social media has played a major role in filtering and organising online information and news; crowdsourcing is becoming an increasingly important tool for getting local project proposals and product information from ordinary citizens; e-books are turning out to be an ideal source of information for book buyers; and Wikipedia is arguably the world’s largest and most accurate encyclopedia.

The problem with many forms of Informational Technology, however, is that they are not considered Informational Technology because they are merely collections of facts and figures with no further creative expression than their basic layout. The example given is that of a Wikipedia article. An article on horses is not really an informative article because horses are not part of a human endeavour or relationship or science; they are simply one example of a thing. An article on art is considered factual because art is part of a human-being-based relationship; an article about architecture because architects are part of a human-being-based relationship is considered informational because it contains data about people and their relationships, or because it contains data about the nature of the physical world.

As a writer, the ideal way to convey information is to convey it as Informational Technology rather than Informational Texts or text. When I use the word ” Informational “in my work I am referring to ways to convey information in such a way that the reader can interpret it as information, whether consciously or subconsciously. To use Wikipedia as an example of Informational Technology: An entry on the encyclopedia page on gardening describes the four types of plants and their characteristics. This information is nonfiction, supported by the appropriate data mined from relevant sites on the Internet, and is therefore considered factual.

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