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Brochure Printing


Brochure Printing

Brochures are typically small advertisements that are usually handed out to customers and clients by businesses to inform them of their services or products. The term “brochure” comes from the traditional broadsheets usually issued by printers to list and notify individuals of upcoming events. Brochures were traditionally used for mailing announcements or other general announcements. Today, brochures serve as an effective promotional tool because they can be printed quickly and tend to be more eye-catching than other forms of print advertising.

Brochures are used as a marketing and promotional tool for many different industries, including the retail, lodging, and restaurant industries. A brochure in today’s market is often smaller and has less content than a traditional tri-fold booklet. In addition to being smaller, a brochure has a much faster delivery time because it is folded and tri-folded rather than being thrown in a mail box and picked up at a later date. Most modern printers can produce brochures in less than 1 minute. Because of this rapid delivery time, brochure printing is a very cost effective method of distributing your business information to customers and clients.

There are many different types of brochures that are available. Brochures can be single page fold ups or multi-page tri-fold brochures. Brochures can be designed for a specific event such as a wedding, reunion, trade show, or charity ball. There are many different kinds of brochures, all printed on different sizes and in many different styles, so be sure to find a style and size that will work for your business.

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