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What Are Brochure Websites?

Brochure Websites are small easy to access web site to promote any business or service at a lower cost. They are not product oriented but more often than not are service or operation oriented but not necessarily product oriented. In most cases the purpose of a brochure web site is to draw in new clients and sales that would otherwise not have found you otherwise, but some sites are set up purely for existing customers and who main goal is disseminate news and information about their company. These types of sites usually serve as a one-stop location for a variety of information pertaining to your company such as, new products, current promotions, etc.. The advantage of Brochure Websites over brochure books is that brochures take up too much space, are hard to read, and can get lost in a larger volume of material on a web site, which in turn makes it more difficult to reach out to potential customers.

Brochure Websites offer more flexibility than brochure books. Many brochure websites often have sections where you can add in-depth information about certain services and/or products. Most websites tend towards offering information in the form of reviews about certain companies and/or products, whereas some brochure websites tend towards offering a combination of reviews and testimonials from customers regarding particular services or products. While reviews are always a good way of getting customer service info, especially for businesses that tend to have a lot of competition, sometimes testimonials can be misleading because the customer may have gotten the impression that they were actually sold to. Brochure Websites tend towards offering more informative content and reviews.

Some online business owners prefer to have brochure websites for their own benefit as well as that of existing customers. Creating brochure websites tends to require less design experience than creating brochure sites for existing customers. You need to ensure that your brochures are easy to navigate and include all the necessary contact and product information. Some online business owners may wish to design brochure websites that link to other related web sites.

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