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Different Types of Designers


Different Types of Designers

A design is a blueprint or specifications for the construction or the implementation of a system or object, or even the manifestation of this blueprint or specifications in the shape of a model, tool or implement, or even the intended result of such a blueprint or specifications. The word ‘design’ was first used in 17 77 by the French naturalist Androsses Cousteau. In recent years, however, the use of this word has come into vogue. The verb ‘to design’ indicates the procedure of creating a design by means of some systematic means. In engineering, the term design can refer to the outcome of successful design, the effectiveness of the end product, or even to the effectiveness of the manufacturing process.

Designing is an area of creative expression, and perhaps nowhere is this more appropriate than in the creative field. Wherever art, music or technology meets with the constraints of human activity, the resultant designs are both complex and interesting. Art has been one big cause of creative invention, and it behooves all disciplines of arts, design and communication to support creativity wherever it flourishes. While the discipline of art has been famous for its wars over ‘meaning’, ‘expression’ and ‘modification’, its practical side is much closer to creativity’s heart, needing only the assistance of machinery to create new designs. This practical side of the creative process is best served by designing, which is the practice of coming up with a practical blueprint or design for some object, so as to bring about the development of a useful, creative or even revolutionary object.

The most important thing about designing is the necessity for designers to be imaginative, inventive and visual. The different types of designers include architects, artists, sculptors, engineers, interior designers, typographers, toy designers, textile designers, craftspersons, computer graphic designers, DVD graphics designers, video game designers and many more. The different types of designers are found in different sectors of art and creative industries, including business, academe, government, entertainment, film, fashion, automotive, software, graphic design, theatre and visual communication. Designers have also developed themselves to fill the specific roles described above; hence there are many different types of designer.

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