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Four Types of Informational Writing


Four Types of Informational Writing

Informational content is information that informs, attracts or pushes a reader towards a particular activity or conclusion. Informational content can be personal or institutional in nature. Informational content normally refers to something that pushes the reader towards a particular conclusion or action. It is therefore very important to keep in mind that the purpose of informational content is to persuade the reader to take a certain action. For instance, a sales pitch or an advertisement would fall under the category of informative content.

Informational content, in a broad sense, is structured, processed and organised information that offers context to other data. It gives meaning to data and allows easy decision making on the basis of facts. For instance, the single most significant consumer in the social world is the customer that would become a social entity if it was analysed or understood in terms of individual customers and their purchasing power. In any event, any piece of writing which aims to influence or motivate readers to take a particular action is an informative text. For instance, a commercial which urges viewers to purchase a particular product because of the benefits it offers is an informative text as it explains the benefits inherent in the product. However, if such a text is aimed at creating public outrage or mistrust towards a particular social institution or set of individuals, such text may not be considered an informative text but a form of appeal.

Informational writing is a broad genre encompassing many different sub-genres. The four types described above are by far the most common, although there exist many more forms. A writer can choose to write purely informational text, or he/she can also cross the border into other genres, such as fictional nonfiction, scientific nonfiction, and poetry. This allows a writer to explore different literary genres. Whichever sub-genre, a writer chooses to explore, he/she must be aware that the purpose of an article is to persuade its readers to take an action.

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