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Informational Marketing in the Young Children’s Literature

Informational marketing refers to the act of using information to improve sales, marketability or other business outcomes. It also refers to the process of designing and delivering information products that generate value for your business. Informational products are usually delivered over the Internet where they can reach target markets with minimal or no additional investment.

Informational Marketing can take on many forms and has been used for decades to promote products, increase circulation of literature, and promote or oppose political opinion. It has also been used as a marketing tool for advertisers to communicate their messages, inform citizens about products, and to build alliances with businesses and other organizations. The use of Informational Marketing, including text message marketing (texting and sending SMS), has become increasingly sophisticated, particularly with the rise of handheld computers and smart phones.

Informational Marketing has been used successfully to create new businesses, improve brand awareness and product loyalty, raise awareness and participation rates for events, and as a means to build new relationships and ties between organizations and their clients and users. In fact, Informational text messaging can be very effective for building brand awareness for small, low-budget organizations and for promoting and marketing social world projects such as clean energy, sustainable development and energy efficiency. Informational text messages can be texts containing basic facts or images, videos or audio files with messages, or applications which may be downloaded from the Internet. In addition, a number of online tools are available to facilitate the creation and maintenance of Informational content.

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