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Design As a Career

Designing is defined as the creation of a structure by combining matter and other structures such as machines, people and information or by fitting together parts of something from different sources. A design is basically a plan or blueprint for an existing object or system, or even for the efficient performance of some activity or procedure, or the outcome of that plan or blueprint in the form of some finished product, machine or process. The word ‘design’ itself is derived from the Greek word ‘designos’ which means ‘acting according to a model’. So, in order to design something we need to act or follow a model, a pattern that we can follow. The verb ‘design’ also denotes to follow or design, so in order to design something we need to design or create something.

A lot of today’s designing is done by computer software programs, which greatly simplifies the designing process and makes the whole process much more efficient and productive, since it allows designers to just ‘click’ their mouse and let the computer take care of everything else. Designers use CAD/CAM software to design anything from complex machinery to complex product designs and architectural drawings. There are many software programs designed specifically for architects, engineers and interior designers, who specialize in specific product development areas. In fact, there are many software programs available today for any kind of designing, starting from traditional arts and crafts designing to toy and children’s designing.

There are also specialized fields for industrial design, engineering design and product design, in addition to the regular designing fields like architecture, industrial design and product design. There are many design schools and programs offering specializations in these specialized fields. Designing as a career option is very popular among young people nowadays. There are also many technical and trade colleges offering specialized courses in design, as well as vocational and community colleges offering similar courses. If you want to become a professional in a specific design field, check out what the requirements are in your place of employment and if there are any special training or certification requirements that you must possess before pursuing your education.

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