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Types of Brochure Printing

A brochure describes the services and products offered by a company or organisation. A brochure is simply an informational paper document which can either be a printed booklet, template, or pamphlet. Sometimes a brochure will also be an arranged set of related folded papers placed in a wallet pack or other small pocket.

Brochure printing can be done in two different ways; the first type of brochure printers are able to produce a brochure in one piece, the other type of printers produces a brochure as a series of single pieces. For a single piece printer to produce a brochure in one piece it requires a piece of similar size to the width of a typical brochure page. This means if you wanted to make a brochure that has a one inch border then the entire booklet would require one inch paper. If your brochure comes in a different shape then it is more difficult to make in a single piece, thus it is recommended you use a different type of brochure.

Most people buy brochures either as single pieces or folded into pamphlets or leaflets. These are great because they are cheap and they are reusable. You can even recycle your folded brochures into another type of brochure such as a leaflet, which can be used for different types of leaflets, brochures, and other promotional materials. There are many companies who produce folded brochures but if you want to make your own brochure there are many websites you can find on the Internet who have hundreds of different types of brochures you can choose from to design.

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