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What is a Brochure Website?

Brochure Websites are relatively small, simple web-sites to advertise a service or a product. Often they are product oriented but not always but more often than not they are not product focussed but just the overall operation or service as whole. You can find brochure web-sites for almost anything and they are really good for selling either physical or digital products. The thing that makes brochure websites so popular nowadays is the internet. They are easy to create and you don’t have to know anything about html to make one. There are many companies that have entire brochure web-sites (or sections) on their own domain names that selling all manner of things.

Creating a brochure website or section on your own domain can be very time consuming. Most people don’t want to sit down and learn HTML or CSS and the various software programs that go with it. So there is very little demand for Brochure Websites. You can however, add great functionality and customise them to your heart’s content, by adding your own text, images, videos and interactive sections. You could for instance create a search function and allow users to search by whatever keywords they might type into the search box.

Some other great uses for brochure websites include giving away free products or services, selling your affiliate products or even as part of a paid web marketing campaign. Webmasters that don’t know how to build a page website can use Brochure Websites as an easily customizable and quick way to attract new visitors. So, if you have a Brochure Website and you haven’t got round to learning how to make one yet then you should get started today.

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