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Brochure Print Templates – Using White Space to Enhance Your Brochure


Brochure Print Templates – Using White Space to Enhance Your Brochure

A Brochure is a printed paper document which is either folded into an envelope, flyer, or brochure-like paper document. Brochures can also be an individual set of several related folded papers placed in a small pocket or packet. This type of advertising product was first created during medieval times when printing technology was just beginning to take shape. Modern day brochures have undergone several important changes and enhancements through the years.

Today’s modern brochure templates are much easier to use than the older fold over style. Modern templates are generally provided with a tabbed fold, which makes it easier to fold the brochure into a convenient shape. Most Brochure templates include various pockets or divider pages for keeping additional leaflets. If you wish, you may even add a central coordinating board to the front of the folded brochure. This helps the reader to easily navigate through the pamphlet.

In addition to making Brochure templates easy to use, many companies who produce and print business literature, such as brochure templates, will allow you to use color to enhance your brochures. In many instances, Brochure printing provides background images to make your brochure look more professional. If you do not want to use background images, you can simply leave the Brochure blank, making it very plain. You can always choose to add your company logo and/or contact information, if desired.

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