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Engineering Design Processes Model

Design is one of the most important concepts in engineering, it is used in almost every field of engineering and technology and plays an important role in all creation. It is used in science and technology, architecture, and art and design. A design is basically a plan or blueprint for the systematic creation of an entity or a process, or even the outcome of that blueprint or plan in the form of a physical prototype, machine or process, etc. The word ‘design’ itself signifies ‘to give shape to.’ The definition of ‘design’ in science and technology terminology is ‘existing arrangements of things existing.’

In engineering design process model, the smallest component is considered as a model. The design process includes the whole range of operations concerning the production, handling, storage, transportation, sale, consumption, recycling or disposal of the material or its components. In industrial designing, the production, processing, packaging and promotion of industrial goods are included among the processes.

There are various types of design process models in different fields. The most common and basic ones are product design, construction design, structural design, environmental design, and building design and planning. In many fields of engineering, a combination of these disciplines are applied together to achieve the desired results. In product design, the interaction of materials is given a lot of importance. Other fields like electrical and electronic field, biomedical field, chemical field and others have their own areas specific designs.

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