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What is Informational Marketing?

Informational marketing is very different from sales marketing. In fact, many customers are turned off by sales marketing. Informational marketing focuses on the customer and their needs and wants. This involves knowing what your customers need and keeping that in mind while working on a solution to that need. For example: if I’m selling shoes I know that shoes don’t usually get dirty and because of that I should offer a cleaning service.

Informational content is a mix between expository and informative. Informational content is research-based content on industry trends, new product developments, etc. Expository content is information that solves a problem or provides advice on how to do something. The best part about Informational content is that it can be in the form of articles, pamphlets, reports, and other literature but must provide informative value. Also, because it is Informational, it has to be well written and very easy to understand. It can even be in the form of audio, video or software.

If we use the definition from Wikipedia, then Informational Marketing is “A type of advertising that involves information or communication which is intended to inform, rather than to sell.” This article hopefully gave you an insight into what Informational Marketing is and what it involves. It is by far one of the best ways of using multimedia to convey information, whether that information is expository instructional or simply plain fun! Keep studying, learning and improving!

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