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What is a Brochure?

A Brochure is a printed document that is usually designed to present a company’s goods and services in a simple and easy to understand manner. The brochure’s content usually includes the company’s logo, a brief description of the products and services, pricing and a list of services and their availability. Brochures are very important marketing tools as they help customers decide whether a particular company is worth considering for purchasing goods or not. A brochure should not be confused with a sales brochure, as these are two different documents. While the main purpose of a sales brochure is to inform potential customers about a company’s products and services, a brochure conveys the company’s overall corporate image.

Brochures have many different purposes. A simple brochure with basic information can be used to announce a new product or service, while a brochure that has detailed product information and features an array of images can be used to promote a business. Brochures are also known as leaflet books or smaller versions of booklets, as they are commonly folded into a brochure-like format. Brochures can either be single fold brochures or double fold brochures.

A common type of brochure is the tri-fold brochure. A tri-fold brochure consists of three folds – one at the top side and two at the bottom. In a tri-fold brochure, the middle fold (the outer fold) includes the main overview information, the next two folds contain more detailed product and service information, while the last fold (the inner fold) provides more detail regarding warranty and shipping details. Many tri-fold brochures have a second fold which contains a more detailed overview of the company’s products and services.

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