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What Is Informational Marketing?

Informational products and services are used to provide relevant context to data that has been processed or structured. They provide an extra layer of understanding and a logical order to the previously stored facts and figures. Informational products and services are also used to control processes and improve overall organization and communication. Informational products are normally visual presentations that make it possible to represent or interpret data in an easily understandable and valuable format. They make it possible to capture, store and distribute information in an efficient manner that meets the needs of the users. They help in decision making, provide clarity and support accountability.

Informational products and services can be in the form of reports, case studies, manuals, books, newsletters, pamphlets, posters, presentations and audio/video materials. Informative material is usually used to support an argument, to illustrate a point, or to persuade the reader to consider a particular course of action. Information conveys information, and sometimes involves information that is difficult to process logically or to understand. An informative medium may also be non-conveying information such as art, music, games or nature. Informational products and services are usually intended to persuade readers, present data in an original way and to share information and knowledge with others.

Informational materials are very useful in conveying ideas, educating students, providing advice and information to users, supporting organizational activity and solving problems. Educational and training programmes based on factual, graphical or numeric information provide examples of informative media and examples of how it is used. Some of the common ways of providing information or supporting claims are: presenting data, explaining concepts, providing explanations, providing examples and teaching people. Educational institutions and businesses use educational and training media to reach their goals and to satisfy the learning needs of their consumers and staff. They also use informational products and services to enhance employee and customer service and to build awareness of upcoming events, conferences and important dates.

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