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The Meaning of Design in Simple Words

Designing is the art or science of forming an idea, drawing one’s self through a process of conceptualization and finally bringing it to realization by putting into practice a detailed description and demonstration of the idea or original concept. Designing is one of the major creative activities in art as it usually involves an artistic intuition. In addition, it implies a certain amount of interaction between the designer and the client or other person who has commissioned the design. Designing a product, device, etc., involves a great deal of planning and organizing on behalf of the designer, together with the formulation of a detailed plan and the completion of the different stages in a systematic order. A design is basically a blueprint or detailed specification of the form of an object, structure or process or even for the production of a finished object, product or procedure, or the end result of this blueprint or detailed specification in the shape of a model, prototype or completed object.

The word ‘design’ itself signifies both a technical knowledge of the things that are to be designed and an intuitive ability in perceiving design possibilities. A good designer must be able to perceive and define many possible ways in which an object may be designed and must have an ability to visualize his design in advance, before the actual design process begins. The meaning of the word ‘design’ is closely associated with the meaning of the word ‘art’.

The deep meaning of the word comes from its ability to provide a framework for understanding and creative visualization. It helps us to imagine and build things from deep within. It can be used to describe the aesthetic beauty of the creative process and the ability to communicate its beauty to others. Designers use this deep meaning of the word to suggest the importance of communication, designing for practical purposes, and the value of appreciation.

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